Chiropractic during pregnancy is fantastic for mom and baby. Getting adjusted during pregnancy allows baby to assume the proper position, lets mom and baby have an easier labor and delivery, and also leads to a more enjoyable pregnancy. Doctors of Chiropractic can help relieve some of the common aches and pains often associated with pregnancy such as sciatica, back pain, and even headaches.


Pregnant women can experience pain relief and comfort during pregnancy through routine spinal adjustments.

Pregnancy should be one of the most joyful times of a woman’s life. Call us today so our doctor of Chiropractic can help ease any discomforts you may be experiencing, and set you up for a great and healthy pregnancy!

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“I’ve been going to GCC for the past several months and am so grateful for all the support and care that I’ve received from Dr. Fisher and Emilie. I had surgery mid-August and believe the work I had been doing with Dr. Fisher significantly improved my results and quickened my recovery. Great environment and outstanding result!”