Office Manager
Join Us at Gold Coast Chiropractic

Our Vision

Gold Coast Chiropractic was created to help patients achieve real health through an integrated approach with processes to assure their success. Our team is focused on the individual patient experience first and foremost. We recognize that not all of our community will resonate with our brand, and we are ok with that. We have higher standards and passion that attracts people committed to real health that may include lifestyle changes. Our role is not to lower those standards to attract more patients, it is to keep the standards high and attract those who want to overcome the obstacles standing between them and their goals. Our office manager wil have the responsibility of maintaining and establishing processes to create a structure for our patients success. This this commitment, by Dec 1st 2022, we will be seeing 30NP/m and converting 75% into care with procedures and KPIs firmly in place, cadence of accountability set and 100% clean data to monitor office and patient progress.

Is This You?

  • Is great at creating and running systems and processes
  • Handles responsibility well
  • Likes to find improved ways to perform systems
  • Dependable, proactive leader, pleasantly persistent who cares about their team
  • Focused on completing daily work flows and making sure others complete theres
  • Loves lead a team towards a common goal
  • Takes their own health as a priority
  • Good with technology
  • Comfortable training other team members
  • Loves learning and mastering new skills

Working For Gold Coast Chiropractic

  • Company culture fueled by an abundance mindset
  • We are results driven, our team knows how to run a system to set and hit goals
  • We exist for our patient’s success
  • We are a team of self starters and don’t let roadblocks slow us down
  • Integrity is a core value
  • Our team members go the extra mile for each other’s success
  • Fast is better than slow
  • Health is necessity and is not a “nice to have”

Our Patients love coming to Gold Coast

“Visiting Dr fishers office 3x a week, at first I thought would be overwhelming, turns out To be my favorite time of the week! The office and staff are beyond welcoming, professional, clean, educated and kind. I have prescription medicine for chronic migraines, which I have not had to take in the last few weeks. I am able to tell such a difference in the way I walk and carry myself, my headaches / migraine frequency has declined, I have overall more energy on a day to day basis (after working virtually behind a laptop for year+).”

- Jennifer N.

Join a Team Passionate About Real Impact

Wish you worked at a place that truly made an impact in people’s lives? Worked with a team who has each other’s backs? Practice what they preach and always show up with purpose!