Neuropathy Exam

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We’re so sorry to see that you’ve been suffering from neuropathy.  We know too well how debilitating this condition for patients. There have been many patients right where you are now that we were able to help, hopefully we can help you as well.  Based upon your responses, it looks likes we may be able to.

The next step would be to book a full evaluation at our office to determine the extend and severity of the damage and see if we can help.

We’ve tried to do out best to make this process easy so we have options based on what’s easiest for you.

You can call (773) 572-3258 and our 24hr a day call center can book you an appointment right now.

If you’re located in Chicago we have in office exams for neuropathy, and if you’re located somewhere else in the U.S. we have virtual offerings.

In office

(Chicago, IL)

We look forward to helping you!

Virtual Appointments

(Anywhere in the U.S.)

Checkout our Neuropathy Webinar to learn more.