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Yes, Nerves Can Heal

Wait, I thought nerves couldn’t heal?

That used to be the prevailing thought but nerves ABSOLUTELY can heal! It depends on the amount of damage done to the nerves. Many causes of neuropathy, like diabetes, are a slow process that damage nerves until they eventually die off. If we can address the causes of the neuropathy before the nerve is dead, we have a very good chance of healing it!

The best way to think it may be of a plant that is dying because it isn’t receiving water, sunlight, and nutrients.

So what do you do when a plant is dying? You give it light, water, and nutrients and the plant comes back.

The same thing is true of your nerves!

When the small blood vessels that surround your nerves start to die off, the nerves shrink from lack of oxygen, nutrients, and blood supply. When this happens, the nerves begin to slowly die. As they die, they start malfunctioning and sending messages to your brain that your feet are numb, or that they are tingling, or burning pain, sharp deep stabbing pain, and then balance problems and falls occur. The last and most serious after going from a cane, to a walker, to a wheelchair are amputations and then death.

The typical medial approach for neuropathy is medications to decrease the signals the nerves are sending and when that eventually fails, surgery. Why do the medications eventually fail? Because they aren’t getting to the root of the problem that the nerves are receiving what they need to live!

So how do you help gets nerves the nutrition and blood flow they need to function correctly so that you can get your freedom back? Great question! Click here to see how we accomplish that.

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