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Our bodies exist as the result of structure and function. In our office we thoroughly examine both to identify the root cause of your pain and ultimately create a treatment program that addresses and corrects the source of the issue. This leads to not only a quicker improvement in pain but also a longer lasting change in how your body operates.

From a structural analysis perspective, understanding how the skeletal structure is aligned has huge implications on your health, just like the foundation and frame affects a building. Understanding the structure of the human body is vital to proper treatment and optimal outcome. Dr. Fisher is the only Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP) Advanced Certified practitioner in Chicago. CBP is the most researched, published chiropractic technique and is the only technique consistently shown to make structural changes to the spine.

Of course your body isn’t a building; it moves and has to move well. The way you move throughout the day and your activities (working out, playing with your kids or even sitting at your desk) is just as important. At Gold Coast Chiropractic in Chicago, we perform a thorough analysis of how your body functionally moves to create an individualized treatment protocol for you.

What do we mean by “functionally moves”? An interesting example of this is that some patients can’t touch their toes bending over while standing, but can while sitting on the floor. This is one example and or evaluation that works to determine the cause and best treatment protocol for you. This is important, because while there are “good exercises”, not all exercises may be good for you. For example, as opposed to a generic workout program designed to improve your “core” we can design a program to work specifically in the areas of flexibility and stability so your body can move its best.

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“I have been going to Gold Coast Chiropractic for over a year now and can honestly say the team has exceeded my expectations. I want to give Dr. Fischer and Emilie a HUGE THANK YOU!

- Sejla B.