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Chiropractic medicine has for a long time been seen as alternative medicine based less off of careful science and more off of personal experience. Chiropractic BioPhysics, however, combines all the structure of science with all the core practices of chiropractic medicine – blending geometry, physics, physiology, and biology into one – to give patients the best and most effective care possible. It not only better determines the root of pain, unsuspected symptoms, and general discomfort, but also guides chiropractors to a customized, trustworthy, and data-driven solution for treating their patients.

Developed by Donald D. Harrison and Glenn Harrison, this well-tested and advanced technique is, in essence, based off the concept that the human body works much like a machine. The nervous system operates much like a computer, while the spine and its series of bones and muscles are comparable to support beams and hydraulics. Just as it takes only one small component of your computer failing to set it on the course for glitches and eventually a crash, if your spine is out of alignment, it will hinder your nervous system’s ability to send and receive signals, your body’s ability to release the proper hormones, and your brain’s ability to direct the rest of your system. This will lead you to physical “glitches,” causing not only pain, but also negative results in your muscles, digestive system, mood, and mobility.

What Makes CBP Different From Other Techniques?

Most traditional techniques focus on handling the short-term problem rather than committing to the long-term. So long as you are immediately out of pain, several return visits to maintain this relief are expected, and other symptoms are often overlooked. CBP, however, doesn’t look for a quick fix – it’s committed to seeing you returned to your highest level of wellness through a comprehensive and thorough treatment plan that hits all your symptoms by solving the root issue.

However, immediate relief isn’t ignored. It’s impossible to enjoy your life and fulfill your duties if you’re in pain or experiencing discomfort. Rather than waiting several weeks to see the type of results needed to resume your normal life, CBP focuses on offering the most immediate relief – but does so by taking the most educated and practical step forward.

What is the Step-by-Step Process of CBP?

The session will begin with a thorough one-on-one consultation where you describe your discomfort, symptoms, and desired outcome of the treatment. Your chiropractor will, in return, will ask the typical questions about your medical history, as well as take it a step further by evaluating your neurological and orthopedic condition. Then your chiropractor will evaluate your range of motion and the condition of your joints before conducting a digital posture analysis – which will be conducted again at the end of your treatment.

After examining your posture and spinal alignment, which may include x-rays, your doctor will create a customized plan including multiple stages to best correct your spine misalignment and cure your symptoms. This will include a series of adjustments, exercise routines, diet changes, and habits personalized to you, which need to be applied in the following weeks to put you back in perfect health and avoid future misalignments.

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How the Plan Works

Not all core issues will manifest themselves in the same symptoms. Each patient is different, and chronic back pain, anxiety, aching limbs, allergies, headaches, asthma, ear infections, high blood pressure, fatigue, sleep disorders, and even mental illnesses such as ADHD have been a product or are at the very least encouraged by poor alignment and posture.

CBP will not only offer the standard adjustments and strengthening exercises, but also customized home and work care practices, neuromuscular treatment to improve your posture long-term and avoid relapse, traction to get your spine back in its proper alignment, and modifications to your diet and exercise routine. This ensures you not only feel better immediately, but your core health is improved for the long-run.

Using advanced technology to digitally analyze your posture, science rather than instinct comes into play with detailed reports showing chiropractors and their patience clear data on the issue at hand. This allows your chiropractor to then use their years of practice and education to create the best plan possible that suits your medical history, lifestyle, and symptoms.

Your plan will be broken up into several portions to address the most pressing needs in order, and each plan may require several visits a week over the course of up to four weeks. Towards the end of your plan, your treatment will focus more on returning your spine to its proper alignment and equipping you with the tools necessary to maintain it.

In General, How Long Will a Plan Last?

Typically, you will look forward to three dozen visits over the course of three months, which will include regular adjustments, assessments, and the retraining of your posture. A few adjustments will not be enough to create a permanent solution to patient discomfort and certainly won’t return you to full wellness. Symptoms will reemerged if the core issue is not regularly addressed, and your body will naturally try to revert to its original state if left alone. The longer your condition has lasted without treatment or the more extreme your misalignment, the longer your plan will take in order to correct these issues.

It Evolves With You

The CBP technique evolves to suit your current state, with customized changes to accommodate any improvements or digressions that may have occurred over the course of your treatment. During each visit, your doctor will evaluate and modify your original plan to include new diets and exercise routines, with updated ways to care for yourself at work, at home, or during travel, so it’s not a basic chart but an evolving one that seeks to give you the best results.

The goal of CBP is to be more than a bandage to an open wound – patients who have turned to this technique as a solution have seen a relief to their chronic pain by at least 80%, allowing them to live life pain-free and normal once again.

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