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chiropractic biophysics: a clear difference in chiropractic



Dr. Paul Fisher

There are multiple ways (referred to as “techniques”) to practice chiropractic. At Gold Coast Chiropractic the technique used here is Chiropractic Biophysics, or CBP.

CBP has a long history and proven protocol that has made it the world’s leading chiropractic technique. There is much that goes into understanding the protocol of CBP, but the essence of the approach is that “structure determines function”. A phrase that is common to every freshman biology course because of its application to life. In chiropractic the structure we look at specifically is the human spine and how it affects the function of the body.

Just like there are normal values for blood pressure, heart rate, kidney and other measurements of the human body, there are normal values/measurements of the human spine. From the front it should be straight up and down. From the side there should be three curves in the spine, one each in the neck, mid back and low back. In the neck it should be a “C” shape with the C opening towards the back of the neck. The mid and low back should part of an oval with the low back directed the same way as the neck and the mid-back directed the opposite way. And finally, looking from the top down, the shoulders, feet and hips should all be in line with no rotations.

Alignment in the spine allows for the proper function of the nervous system. When the spine is not in proper alignment, this puts added stress on the nervous system decreasing function as well as altering function of other organs in the body. An easy way to understand this is to sit down, slump your shoulders, hunch forward and then try to take a deep breath. Next sit up straight with your shoulders back and then take another deep breath. If you do this correctly you will feel a significant change in how easy it is to breath when sitting up correctly. This is one of the ways that chiropractic conducted with the CBP approach may help with asthma, fatigue and a number of other non-pain symptoms.

At Gold Coast Chiropractic by utilizing CBP treatment protocols we are able to offer a comprehensive form of care that many patients remark has been different than any other chiropractor they have been to. Our office also utilizes state of the art computerized X-ray analysis, therapeutic exercises, cold laser, Digital Motion X-ray and other therapies. We want you to set your expectations high – and experience what’s possible when your body feels and functions at its very best. We look forward to helping you be stronger as fast as possible.

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Dr. Paul Fisher

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